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Learn how to use the website and its tools to find the perfect plan for your new home

Plan Orders

Questions and answers about ordering plans online from us.

Plan Collaborations

Learn how to collaborate with our designers on the perfect home plan design for you.

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Plan Collaborations

Instructions and videos of how to collaborate with Plan Designers to create your dream home from an existing plan by illustrating, sharing, and discussing proposed changes to the plans.


Tips for Ordering Plans Online

Suggestions on how to find your dream home plan, questions to ask designers, and different ordering options available.

Plan Layout Tool

Use this great new tool to help you search and find your dream home layout

Start a New Collaboration

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Search Plans

Browse Plans

Compare Plans

Favorite Plans

Modify Plan Drawing Tools

Collaboration Messages

Purchasing Plan Collaborations

Tracking Orders

Order Terms & Policy

Payment Methods

FAQ Orders

FAQ Collaborations

FAQ Plans

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Plan Collaborations


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FAQ Plans

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Start a Collaboration

Plan Collaborations

To collaborate with a plan designer after finding a plan you like, click the "Ask Designer" button in Plan Quick View or Plan Details to get started!

Using Plan Collaboration Markup Tools

Plan Collaborations

Go over each tool here and how to use the system

Ask Questions

Tips for Ordering Plans Online

Our designers are available for direct questions about plans

Collaborate on Changes

Tips for Ordering Plans Online

If you'd like to make changes to a plan, start a collaboration with the designer

Place Your Order

Tips for Ordering Plans Online

Its easy to order online

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Plan Collaborations

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Adding / Editing a Price Tier

Plan Price Tiers

Price Tier Name: Price Tier name will be the name you specify for the current tier. This name will be displayed as a dropdown menu when you upload a plan. This tier name will not be visible to the customer. After adding prices to your tier. You will still h...

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